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Mason Jar Bouquets

We have decided to offer mason jar bouquets at our farmer's market cut flower dates and on our farm visits.  They are perfect and easy to grab and go and you can return the jar at future dates and get $2 off the large bouquets and $1 off the small bouquets.  

Plastic Free Packaging

Ready to Go


Flower Farm Pick Your Own:

Contact us to schedule a time to come visit the flower farm and pick out some flowers that we will use to build a custom bouquet for you.  Cost is just the size of the bouquet you select.

Farmer's Market Dates:

We are loving the Vine Street Market this year!  It is such a fantastic market with a great vibe!  Here are our remaining dates for this season: (Flowers) next to a date designates a date that we are able to sell our fresh flower bouquets.  The other dates we have our wood working items, native plantings, and more.

October 2

October 9 (Flowers)

October 16 (Flowers)