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Let's Change How It's Done

The term "photo session" typically evokes one of two responses; excitement and/or anxiety. First, many don't enjoy the process of having to get ready and/or having their photo taken. Second, the typical process can usually lead to unnecessary stress which can then be taken out on those around you (usually the ones that you are trying to get your photo with). I have found that several things typically combine to create this unfortunate experience (too much time and a stressed photographer).


To me, an enjoyable process from scheduling to prepping to the session itself is just as important as the great photos captured. When you look at your photos I want you to remember a fun time with those you love, not memories of stress and not so veiled threats. I am a quick shot that tends to work well for those that want some great photos but not the whining from everyone surrounding you that are beyond done. Let's change the way it's done. Let's create an experience that you don't just want to look at, but also want to remember.

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