DIY Bouquet Bar

At our local market shops and farm appointments we provide the opportunity to build your own bouquet.  We are happy to lend a helping hand of course!

Flower Arrangement
Premade Bouquets

Don't have the time to build your own, no problem!  We create beautiful hand crafted bouquets available to grab and go.

Bouquet of Flowers
Seasonal Favorites

Every season has it's unique items it is known for.  We grow and provide some of the more unique versions of these seasonal favorites.

Some of our favorites:

- decorative pumpkins

- decorative corn

- unique sunflowers

Organic Vegetables
Plant it Forward...

We love giving back to the community and those in need.  Any unused flowers (we cut a ton to ensure that we have extra just for this purpose) in that remain following our market days, etc. we will give to local non-profit groups like Hospice, etc.

Basket and Wild Flowers