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Organic Vegetables

Farmer's Market Info

We loved being a part of the Vine Street Market for the 2021 Season!  We are looking forward to the 2022 season and will post our dates as soon as we receive them!

Flower Garden Sets

Everything you need to know about the types of flowers showcased in our Spring garden sets.

Check out What we Sell at the Market


- Bouquets (Fresh cut flowers available on certain dates at the market)

- Native Plants (great additions to your garden and landscape)

- Garden Sets (Native Wildflower, Butterfly, and Zinnia Gardens ready to plant)

- Dried flowers and grasses (great for long term arrangements and décor)

- Harvest Baskets (great for gardeners)

- Reusable Bouquet Holders

- Variety of Vases

- Vegetable plants

- Blue Bird Homes

- Environmentally friendly confetti

- Plantable Greeting Cards  

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