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What's in a name?

So.....Why Hodge Podge Flower and Photo Co.? Over the year or so that we developed the ideas and business plan, we realized that we couldn't pick just one thing to focus on. Yes, this is going against what everyone out there says to do, but that just isn't us. We believe that the variety of items that we love to do all go hand in hand and thus in the end really are one experience, even when it isn't one product at the end of the day.

I already had a photography studio business that I loved and didn't want to give up when we started talking about the flower farm. Instead we saw the amazing opportunities a photography studio on a flower farm could provide. We love growing flowers, plants, supporting native plants and wildlife, and seeing how these items can light up someone's day. We love building things, especially from the wood that comes from the forest that surrounds the flower farm. Instead of seeing a competing product, we found items that support the flower and garden lover's interests (like our Harvest Basket and wood flower vase varieties).

We couldn't find a name that brought together a flower farm, photography studio and woodworking business. Then my mother chimed in with Hodge Podge. She is an amazing cook and had run a catering company for a short time that she named Hodge Podge Catering because she "did a little bit of everything." We immediately loved it and knew that it was the right fit for us. We do offer a number of different things, but they also work together to create an amazing experience that we are excited to share with the community!

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